In her latest blog post, the Legal Duchess brought up something that many law students face… not doing well your first semester of law school. Despite having done exceptionally well throughout her entire academic life and graduating with dual Bachelor Degrees failure was never in her vocabulary…until her first semester of law school.

Realizing that her fellow law classmates were just as smart or even smarter than her, she struggled to maintain C’s and never saw an A during her first semester.

After sitting her first semester final 4 hour long exam (it was nothing like she’s even done before) she was down and out. She felt so disappointed and having whined to her family for the entire semester and not improving she seriously considered changing career paths.

Her mother intervened giving her 2 ultimatums…buckle down and prove that you can do it or change career paths. She went with the first option. After studying for long hours her second semester she brought her GPA up a whopping 2 points and got her first A!

We are all faced with challenges and very few people can confidently say that they aced their first semester of law school. It is what you do afterwards that defines you.

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