AbovetheLaw.com (ATL) just released the results of their 2017 Law School Rankings for the fifth consecutive year. Different than US News rankings, ATL incorporate the results of the American Bar Association’s employment data. What matters to them is whether a student, going through the law school program is going to be able to achieve gainful employment after graduation. Factors that they are concerned with include: “Real Law Jobs, Quality of the Full Time Positions, Costs and Debt, along with Alumni satisfaction.” According to ATL:

The premise underlying our approach to ranking schools remains the same: that given the steep cost of law school and the new normal of the legal job market, potential students should prioritize their future employment prospects over all other factors in deciding whether and where to attend law school.

ATL releases rankings for just the top 50 schools, the top 10 schools are listed below (for the complete list click here).

  1. Stanford
  2. University of Chicago
  3. Yale
  4. Duke
  5. Harvard
  6. University of Virginia
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Cornell
  9. Northwestern
  10. Columbia