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How to Outline Your Law School Course

Normally, I don’t write about my own law school experience, but in this case I think it appropriate. During my first year of law school my study group was offered another student’s course outline. Thinking it would save us a bunch of time we said sure, expecting it...

2018 July Bar Exam Results

  The Bar Exam results for all States will become available as they are released. Estimated dates for results being released are published if available. If you have additional information, or know of a result that has been published, please leave it in the comments...

The American Bar Association Changes Membership Model (Lowering Fees)

The American Bar Association in recent years has been undergoing a transformation to be more in line with the needs of attorneys. Part of that (and in response to declining membership) has been a restructuring of fees. Remember, if you are a new bar admittee you get...

Should You Work While In Law School?

Let’s start off with one thing. Law School is Expensive! Although you may be working hard to get a partial/full scholarship it is still going to cost a full six figures for most students. If you choose to take summer classes (including unpaid internships) you can...

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Law

Recently, featured Van Ann Bui, the Director of the SEO Law Fellowship Program, in a discussion about how pre-1Ls can succeed in their education and careers (highly recommended reading for anyone interested). The SEO Law Fellowship program, a paid law...

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