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The ABA Releases the Result of its Law School Employment Survey

The American Bar Association just completed and released the results of its Annual Employment survey across all ABA-accredited law schools. You can download each school’s results here, along with a list of definitions for the different types of positions. What Is the...

Non-Legal Jobs You Can Do With a Law Degree

At its core, an attorney is someone who can be presented with a problem on an unfamiliar topic, and then rapidly research and distill all relevant information so that they can confidently recommend a solution. If you are graduating and looking for a non-legal career...

Which Law Schools Had the Largest Graduating Class in 2016?

The results are out, and Georgetown University had the largest graduating class in 2016 with 652 students in the graduating class. Harvard came in second, with 598 students graduating from the law school, and Thomas M. Cooley dropped from the largest graduating class...

Where is the Best School to Go to Get a Full Time Job as an Attorney?

Every year, law schools report on their graduating class from the prior year (this includes both people that graduated in May as well as December). While there are many reasons to go to law school, and many fields to check out, at the end of the day, most people to to...

Getting Ahead in the Job Search: What to Do In the Meantime?

Staffing agencies might not be the first area to look, but they are always looking for high quality people to assist their clients (law firms and companies).  What does this mean for you? Plenty of opportunities to gain interview experience and expand your network....

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