How many of you are worried about not finding a Summer job because you started looking too late? Here’s the deal. It is never too late, you need to make sure you hustle. The jobs are out there. You’ll find that this late into the summer session there will be last minute judicial appointments you can get, or maybe an attorney needs someone to jump on his team because there is a new matter that needs someone’s attention.

In addition to the above, Brazen and Brunette shares tips on landing a great internship/clerkship for Summer. Per her many 1L students are stressed that if they don’t land a Summer job with their​ dream law firm they’re doomed. Not true! You can still gain awesome law experience by exploring some of these options:

  1. Visit your career services office, even though they might not have any immediate openings, they will be the first to know if someone comes in needing an immediate hire
  2. Visit your local courthouse and find a judge willing to let you shadow him/her (you can learn a lot by visiting courtrooms and seeing how lawyers operate as the basics remain the same)
  3. Keep looking, law firms might still be looking for law students for various reasons (someone might have dropped out, they didn’t think they needed help but realized they do etc.)

So if you still have not found a Summer job don’t give up!

Lastly, if you haven’t visited her website before, we highly recommend you check out. Nikki has been blogging about her time at Texas Tech, and has a wealth of real-life experience that you can read about in your law school journey.