At LawSchoolHQ, we’re always looking for content that you should be checking out, or valuable stories. One of those individuals is Brandy, A.K.A. the Legal Duchess, a rising 2L who has been blogging about her law school journey. She covers topics ranging from Law School Orientation to preparing for your internship. Her guides can help anyone who is going through their law school journey. For example, she recently touched on how one should dress in law school (covering those different networking events)

Professional Wear

There will days and events that will require you to dress professionally. This means it is time to invest in a quality suit (generally a skirt suit is preferred for ladies because it is more traditional). I suggest a darker color for the traditional aspect. This suit will serve you well from oral arguments to internship interviews. A big key is to have your suit be well fitted- spend a little extra cash and have it tailored if off the rack does not flatter your body type. As much as they stink, flesh colored nylons are the best for professional wear.  Ladies, also invest in comfortable heels with a low heel and in a plain matte or patent leather. My favorite pair is the comfort plus from Payless- comfy and they don’t break the bank!

Beyond a good suit or two, there will be days full of business casual and summers full of internships. It is great to start collecting a wardrobe of basic dress clothes so you don’t have to spend a small fortune right before your internship starts or having to run to the store the night before an event for a new pair of dress pants and a button-down. I have been stocking up for a long time and I have a nice little collection which I am using currently in my summer internship. Never underestimate the use of a good pair of black dress pants or a well fitted button down.


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