This is the third part in the series analyzing the July California Bar Results. Part 1 analyzing California ABA accredited schools can be found here. Part 2 analyzing California Accredited, but non ABA-accredited schools may be found here. Come back in a few days to see how the out of state schools stacked up.

The final groups from the July 2014 are correspondence schools and the unaccredited schools. These schools represent 315 individuals taking the bar exam at 4.3% of the bar’s total population. Historically, these schools have performed much lower than the accredited schools as seen below:


Since 2007, this group has averaged a 14.3% pass rate including both first time, and repeating students. Additionally, there has been a steady decrease in the pass rate in the last three years from 15% in 2012 to 10.8% in 2014.

Correspondence Schools:

The California Correspondence Schools are made up of five schools containing a total of 83 students taking the bar for both the first time and repeating. This group averaged a 15.7% pass rate.

First Time

Oak Brook College of Law had the highest passing percentage with just one person both taking and passing the bar. Results below:

California Correspondence Schools - First Time


The repeating population was comprised of 48 students retaking the bar of which just 3 students passed. Results below:

California Correspondence Schools - Repeating

Unaccredited Schools – Distance Learning

In the Distance Learning group, 159 total students took the July bar with 14 passing or just 8.8%.

 First Time

In this group a total of 47 students took the bar exam for the first time. Only Concord University was able to pass any first time with 9 out of 33 students passing. Results below:

California Unaccredited Schools - Distance Learning - First Time


Both Abraham Lincoln, and Concord University had one person pass out of 50 and 53 students respectively. American Heritage had 3 of its 6 students pass.

California Unaccredited Schools - Distance Learning - Repeating

Unaccredited Schools – Fixed Faculty

Of the 73 Unaccredited Fixed Faculty students who took the July 2014 California Bar Exam , 7 passed making an overall pass rate of 9.6%. Results below:

First Time

In this group, no school had more than 10 students taking the bar for the first time. Pacific West had 1 of 2 individuals pass the bar, while California Southern Law School had 3 of 10 students pass.

California Unaccredited Schools - Fixed-Faculty - First-Time


In the repeating group only Irvine University College of Law was able to successfully pass a student.

California Unaccredited Schools - Fixed-Faculty - Repeating

Congratulations to all who passed this time around and good luck for those studying for the upcoming 2015 February Bar. To see what topics the bar has tested on with what frequency, click here.

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