Each year all ABA accredited schools are required to complete a 509 ABA Standard Disclosure Report. These reports, made freely available on the ABA’s website, contains a wide range of information relating to tuition costs, faculty makeup, entrance information, and more.

The ABA Bar Tracker. This tool is awesome whether you are pre-law student deciding which school is the right one, or whether you are currently in law school and deciding which state to take the bar.

Use the below tool to click a state, or a school to see how each performed in 2014.

ABA Bar Tracker


  • The top pane displays each state, and that state’s average pass rate *Hint* Holding shift down allows you to move the map to states such as Alaska
    • Clicking on each state filters the bottom pane to see how each school performed last year.
    • Clicking on each state also displays the total number of students taking and passing the bar.
  • The bottom pane displays each school, the number of individuals taking the bar, and the number of individuals passing the bar.
    • Clicking on a school will show you all the states that students took the bar exam along with the pass rate for that state.
    • Highlighting a state, after clicking a school will also bring up the number of students taking and passing the bar for that school.

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