In this article Brazen & Brunette explains how Summer classes really helps with your law school workload and graduating on time instead of working a full time summer job. While we understand the need to work to support yourself, even if it’s just a couple of hours per week you should definitely enroll in some classes and work part time (or full time if you can manage).

Some law schools will offer online classes which would cut down on travel time and this also helps with flexibility. Here are some helpful tips given in this article:

  • Check loan disbursement periods and issue times. The FASFA loan is only disbursed from August-August. Therefore you need to plan ahead to take advantage of this loan.
  • Find out if your state has a Pro Bono College. In Texas, the bar has a Pro Bono College which gives a certificate if you have completed 50 hours of service for the year. It only takes a couple hours per week and it looks great on your resume

Inside the article, she also gives you an example of her schedule so you can learn to manage your time well too!

Happy Summer!