I posted this a while ago, but thought I would repost it for those of you studying for the July Bar. You can download a free copy here.

California Edition     N.Y. Edition    UBE Edition

Here’s an example of what it looks like inside:



How it works

The bar-tracker program works on all versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 and later and comes with multiple tabs that allow you to enter the date you took the test, what subject was covered, and your score. Then, a separate “Dashboards” tab updates to show you exactly where you stand.



 What does it the come with?

  • Up to 75 tests tracked
  • All California specific subjects
  • All MBE subjects
  • Essay progress tracking over time
  • Performance test progress tracking over time
  • MBE score tracking over time

Thanks for checking it out.

California Edition       N.Y. Edition    UBE Edition