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Brazen & Brunette: How Summer Classes Help With Your Workload

In this article Brazen & Brunette explains how Summer classes really helps with your law school workload and graduating on time instead of working a full time summer job. While we understand the need to work to support yourself, even if it’s just a couple of hours per week you should definitely enroll in some classes and work part time (or full time if you can manage). Some law schools will offer online classes which would cut down on travel time and this also helps with flexibility. Here are some helpful tips given in this article: Check loan disbursement periods and...

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July 2017 Bar Exam: What Subjects Will be Tested?

With just under a month away from the July bar exam, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how California has tested the various subjects. We also decided to make a few predictions about the topics that will be tested on the Essay portion of the July bar. Just to disclaim, just because a topic is labeled as low-probability doesn’t mean that the bar examiners won’t try to mix it up. This year marks a change in the way California tests the exam moving from a 3-day format, down to 2. With one...

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Harvard Law School Is Now Accepting The GRE, Here’s What You Need to Know

On March 8, 2017 Harvard announced that they would be accepting Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in Fall 2017 (Harvard Law Today) . The acceptance of the GRE is apart of a wider strategy to expand the access to legal education to students in the United States and Internationally. Currently the only other law school that accepts GRE is The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, but others are thinking of adopting. The Graduate Record Examination, also known as GRE was developed in the 1950’s and is offered by Educational Testing Services (ETS). One benefit to current undergraduate...

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Above The Law Releases their 2017 Law School Rankings (ATL) just released the results of their 2017 Law School Rankings for the fifth consecutive year. Different than US News rankings, ATL incorporate the results of the American Bar Association’s employment data. What matters to them is whether a student, going through the law school program is going to be able to achieve gainful employment after graduation. Factors that they are concerned with include: “Real Law Jobs, Quality of the Full Time Positions, Costs and Debt, along with Alumni satisfaction.” According to ATL: The premise underlying our approach to ranking schools remains the same: that given the steep...

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These Are the Law Schools Accepting the Most Transfers

Are you one of those individuals who have slaved away during your first year of law school, killed it during finals, and are wondering whether you should transfer? If you are, Ann Levine, a former contributor for US News, and Law School Expert, wrote a great article a few years ago which mentioned you should consider all aspects of transferring, including three main drawbacks including: Difficulty in getting a faculty letter of recommendations – Can be difficult as you are asking a professor to endorse you leaving the school. Inability to Participate in OCIs – Some schools have in the past...

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