Previously, Utah posted the results of each exam online. However, in 2015, the state ceased to make the results available. Instead, the state has chosen to release the results to individuals. Up until 2014, the state averaged 482 students taking the bar each year, and 390 passing. Also, the state averaged an 80% pass rate between both the February and July bar exam sessions.

Quick FAQ on the Utah Bar Exam

When is the Utah Bar Exam Administered?

The Utah bar exam is administered on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July.

Who Administers the Utah Bar Exam:

Utah Law & Justice Center
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
p: 801.531.9077
f: 801.531.0660

When are Results Released for the Utah Bar Exam:

Utah ceased posting results online. Instead, results are provided to individual applicants.

Latest Bar Exam Releases

February Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Utah

The Utah February Bar Exam up until 2015 averaged 150 people taking the exam, with 115 passing. The February pass rate for Utah was 77%.

July Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Utah

The July Bar Exam averaged 333 people taking the exam, with 275 people passing. Generally, the July pass rate was higher than February’s with 83% of people passing.

School Statistics and Trends for Utah

School Bar Exam Trends

The American Bar Association each year collects information on schools that have taken ‘s bar exam. While this information is not broken down by February/July session, you can see how schools generally perform in the state. There are two ABA accredited schools in Utah:

Both schools have had extremely high pass rates in the last several years, and unlike other states where one school tends to stay ahead of the rest of the pack, each school has swapped positions for the highest overall pass rate on two occasions.