Idaho is one of the smaller states, and averages 197 students taking the exam each year, along with 147 students passing. This gives the state an overall average pass rate of 74%. You can find information on how individuals have performed on the bar exam in recent years, along with data obtained from the American Bar Association on individual school performance down below.

Quick FAQ on the Idaho Bar Exam

When is the Idaho Bar Exam Administered?

The Idaho bar exam is administered twice each year on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July. The specific dates are always posted on the state bar’s website here.

Who Administers the Idaho Bar Exam:

Idaho State Bar
525 West Jefferson
Boise, ID  83702

When are Results Released for the Idaho Bar Exam:

Idaho bar exam results are released in April for the February exam session and the middle of September for the July bar exam.

Latest Bar Exam Releases

February Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Idaho

For several years, Idaho had a sizable downturn in the number of students taking the exam. However, during the last two sessions, the number of people taking the exam has increased. This is corresponding with the data from the July bar, which tends to indicate the state is returning to normal levels. Overall, the February Bar Exam averages 69 people taking the exam, with 51 people passing and a healthy pass rate of 73%. In recent years the number of people taking the exam has increased, and the overall pass rate has stayed consistent at the 70% range.

July Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Idaho

The July Bar Exam averages 127 people taking the exam, with 96 people passing, although the state does average a 75% pass rate, during the last few cycles, the state has stayed consistent with the February pass rate at around 70%.

The American Bar Association each year collects information on schools that have taken Idaho’s bar exam. While this information is not broken down by February/July session, you can see how schools generally perform in the state.

With just the single ABA accredited school, University of Idaho accounts for approximately 1/4 of the test takers each year. In recent years the pass rate for the school has declined, following the overall state trend.