Until recently, Hawaii releases the pass list online for each session. However, some data from several years ago still displays the number of test takers, and individuals passing. Between 2011 and 2014, Hawaii averaged 295 individuals taking the exam each year with 209 passing. You can find information on how individuals have performed on the bar exam in recent years, along with data obtained from the American Bar Association on individual school performance down below.\

Quick FAQ on the Hawaii Bar Exam

When is the Hawaii Bar Exam Administered?

Hawaii administers the bar exam the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July.

Who Administers the Hawaii Bar Exam:

Administrative Offices of the Courts
Ali`iolani Hale
417 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813-2943

When are Results Released for the Hawaii Bar Exam:

The pass list for the Hawaii bar exam is made available in May and October for the February and July bars respectively. You can find the latest pass list on the right sidebar here.

Latest Bar Exam Releases

February Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Hawaii[/fusion_title][fusion_code]

The February Bar Exam averages a 70% pass rate with 115 people taking the exam, with 81 people passing each session. In recent years the number of people passing the exam has actually risen from prior sessions.

July Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Hawaii

The July Bar Exam averages a 72% pass rate with 180 people taking the exam and 129 people passing. In recent years the number of people passing the July exam has stayed consistent with prior years.

School Statistics and Trends for Hawaii

The American Bar Association each year collects information on schools that have taken Hawaii’s bar exam. While this information is not broken down by February/July session, you can see how schools generally perform in the state.

Despite having 1 ABA accredited school in Hawaii, other ABA accredited schools have sent recent graduates to take the Hawaii bar. Overall University of Hawaii has stayed fairly close to the state’s overall pass rate.