The Oklahoma Bar Exam takes place over over 2 days and covers 11 topics. On average, over 475 people each year take the Oklahoma Bar Exam, with just over 371 passing.

The Bar Exam is made up of the following exam segments:

  • Day 1 covers the essay portion of the exam with 16 essay questions. (Oklahoma City University has made the essay questions up to 2011 available for free here
  • 200 multiple choice questions (the MBE), taking place the Wednesday of the exam. Click here for a complete study guide.

The Oklahoma Bar publishes the general rules relating to admission which can be found here:

Recent Bar Pass Rates and Content Trends

On average over 475 people take the Oklahoma bar exam each year with a 78.1% average pass rate. The majority of people take the Bar exam in July, having just graduated from law school. Those that do not pass the July bar will often retake in February.

The following charts show pass rates by year, and the number of students taking in both February and July.

Oklahoma Total Number of Applicants Taking

February Bar Exam Pass Rates:

Oklahoma February Bar Exam Results

On average, the February bar has a lower number of students taking (as it is made up of primarily of people who graduated during December, or people who are retaking the bar. The February Exam maintains a 75% average pass rate.

July Bar Exam Pass Rates:

Oklahoma July Bar Exam Results

The July bar exam, while having a higher number of students taking the bar exam has a higher pass rate percentage than the February bar at 78%.


Topics Covered by the Oklahoma Bar Exam

Multistate Subjects

1. Civil Procedure; 2. Constitutional Law; 3. Contracts; 4. Criminal Law and Procedure; 5. Evidence; 6. Real Property; and 7. Torts

Oklahoma Essay Subjects

1. Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct; 2. Commercial Law; 3. Property; 4. Procedural Law; 5. Criminal Law; 6. Business Associations; 7. Constitutional and Administrative Law; 8. Torts; 9. Intestate Succession, Wills, Trusts, and Estate planning, which may include federal estate and gift taxation; 10. Conflicts of law; 11. Family Law.

This information and more is published by the Oklahoma bar, which provides a content outline, weights for grading, etc. for free:

How have Various Types of Schools performed on the Oklahoma bar?

Like most other states, Oklahoma does not provide a breakdown of school performance by schools. However, the American Bar Association every year publishes the pass rates by ABA accredited schools. You can check out the pass rates of individual schools by looking at the ABA’s accreditation performance tool here: