Oklahoma averages 470 people taking the bar exam each year with 360 passing. The state’s overall passing rate is 75%. Note, in 2011-2013 maintained between a high 70% rank to low 80’s on each exam period, it has fallen in recent years to the 68-69% range. You can find information on how individuals have performed on the bar exam in recent years, along with data obtained from the American Bar Association on individual school performance down below.

Quick FAQ on the Oklahoma Bar Exam

When is the Oklahoma Bar Exam Administered?

Information on the Oklahoma Bar exam is made available through the state’s website. The state administers the Bar exam on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July.

Who Administers the Oklahoma Bar Exam:

Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. A list of current board members is available here.


When are Results Released for the Oklahoma Bar Exam:

Oklahoma makes the latest results of the exam available directly on the state’s website. You can find the results from the toolbar at the top, titled “Bar Results.” The state does not make historical exam results available. Oklahoma makes the results available for the February bar at the beginning of April, and the results of the July bar available in early September.

Latest Bar Exam Releases

February Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Oklahoma

The Oklahoma February Bar Exam averages 127 people taking the exam, with 95 people passing and a 74% pass rate. In recent years the number of people taking the exam has declined and the overall pass rate has generally declined, but the February bar exam had a sizable spike back to 2012 levels.

July Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Oklahoma

The Oklahoma July bar exam averages 343 people taking the exam, with 266 people passing and a 77% pass rate. The state unfortunately has seen a steady decline, which did not reverse like the recent February results.

School Statistics and Trends for Oklahoma

School Bar Exam Trends

The American Bar Association each year collects information on schools that have taken Oklahoma’s bar exam. While this information is not broken down by February/July session, you can see how schools generally perform in the state. There are three schools in Oklahoma:

Generally, University of Tulsa, and University of Oklahoma have stayed fairly close when it comes to the overall pass rate between the February and July bar exam.