Montana as a state has a smaller number of applicants that take the exam each year. Overall, the state has 198 individuals take the exam on average with 165 passing. This gives the state an average pass rate of 83%. You can find information on how individuals have performed on the bar exam in recent years, along with data obtained from the American Bar Association on individual school performance down below.

]Quick FAQ on the Montana Bar Exam

When is the Montana Bar Exam Administered?

The Montana Bar Exam operates under the Uniform Bar Exam Format. As such the test is administered the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July.

Who Administers the Montana Bar Exam:

The State Bar of Montana
7 W. 6th Avenue, Suite 2B
P.O. Box 577
Helena, MT 59624
United States
Ph: (406) 442-7660
Fx: (406) 442-7763

When are Results Released for the Montana Bar Exam:

Montana most often releases the results of the February bar in late April or early May, and the results of the July bar in either late September, or early October.

Latest Bar Exam Releases

February Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Montana

With the exception of the February 2015 results (which I have not been able to find online), the February Bar Exam averages 60 people taking the exam, 48 people passing, and a pass rate of 78%. In recent years the number of people taking the exam has been fairly consistent, but the pass rate has declined from a high of 93% in 2011 to 60% in 2016.

July Bar Exam Statistics and Trends for Montana

The Montana July Bar session has seen a continued downtrend in recent years from 2012 when the state had a high of 148 people taking the exam, to 2015 when the number of students dropped to 112. On average, the July Bar Exam averages 132 people taking the exam, 104 people passing and a pass rate of 78%. In recent years the number of people taking, and passing the exam declined, along with the overall pass rate.

School Statistics and Trends for Montana

The American Bar Association each year collects information on schools that have taken Montana’s bar exam. While this information is not broken down by February/July session, you can see how schools generally perform in the state. Just one ABA accredited school exists in the state.

With just one ABA school in Montana, University of Montana is consistently above the average pass rate of the state.