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Non-Legal Jobs You Can Do With a Law Degree

At its core, an attorney is someone who can be presented with a problem on an unfamiliar topic, and then rapidly research and distill all relevant information so that they can confidently recommend a solution. If you are graduating and looking for a non-legal career then keep the above in mind. Spending the last 3-years in law school has armed you with the ability to process massive amounts of data and information.  Mark Weber (Assistant Dean of Career Services at Harvard Law School) recently wrote about changes to the legal market that impact new attorneys, which includes how technology has disrupted the legal practice. With that in mind, if you are thinking of a non-traditional career in law the below are five potential non-traditional areas to look at. Management Consultant This is probably one of the most similar jobs to an attorney (absent the litigation). As someone in management consulting, you are leveraging your ability to think critically to provide advice on a wide-range of topics, providing non-legal advice to your clients about how they can improve their business operations. ranks the top management consulting firms each year. Below is the list of the top 10 for 2018. McKinsey & Company The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Bain & Company Deloitte Consulting LLP Oliver Wyman The Bridgespan Group Putnam Associates Parthenon-EY L.E.K. Consulting The Brattle Group Analyst Analysts come...

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Prepping for Your Law School Final Exams

10 Tips for Prepping for Your Exams With finals coming up soon, we have put together 10 tips on how to help you organize and prepare for your upcoming law school exams. While this post is geared towards first year law students, the points below are applicable towards anyone in law school or preparing for the bar. 1. Don’t Panic & Don’t Stress First and foremost do not panic on your exam. If you have been studying, and practicing all year, you’ve got that knowledge in your brain. Something come up on the exam you weren’t expecting? Take a...

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February 2018 Bar Exam Results

The Bar Exam results for all States will become available as they are released. Estimated dates for results being released are published if available and also obtained from Deceptively Blonde. If you have additional information, or know of a result that has been published, please leave it in the comments below.   Alabama Release Date: Not Released Bar Exam Results Stats: Number of People Taking the Exam: Number of People Passing:  Passing Percentage: Alaska Release Date: Not Released Bar Exam Results Stats: Number of People Taking the Exam:  Number of People Passing:  Passing Percentage: Arizona Release Date: Not Released...

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Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Law

Recently, featured Van Ann Bui, the Director of the SEO Law Fellowship Program, in a discussion about how pre-1Ls can succeed in their education and careers (highly recommended reading for anyone interested). The SEO Law Fellowship program, a paid law internship that provides guidance to pre-law students on corporate etiquette, law firm expectations of summer interns, legal research and writing, networking, and much more. In this Summer Fellowship program, you’ll have access to over 1,300 alumni, including more than 650 who graduated from law school within the last 7 years. For acceptance you must submit an application form along...

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