It’s 2018, and with bar exam results in full swing, check out our complete updated list of all states here.

However, last week Louisiana released the results of their bar exam and once again LSU maintained the highest bar exam result in the state, having consistently maintained both the top spot, and a pass rate above 80% since 2014.

The School further improved upon last year’s pass rate, by increasing its passing percentile from 83.94% to a whopping 87.41%.

You can see how they fared against other schools in the state here:

LSU135118 (87.41%)17 (12.59%)
LOYOLA10487 (83.65%)17 (16.35%)
SOUTHERN14062 (44.29%)78 (55.71%)
TULANE7660 (78.95%)16 (21.05%)
OTHER8846 (52.27%)42 (47.73%)
TOTAL543373 (68.69%)170 (31.31%)


For a reading of the full press release check out the results here.