This last week, LawSchoolHQ’s was featured on’s featured podcast “Thinking Like a Lawyer” run by Joe Patrice and Ellie Mystal. We discussed topics regarding the Uniform Bar Exam, recent pass rates, and whether we can expect this trend to continue. One of the best discussions on the show was surrounding whether all states should adopt a uniform standard to allow an increase in attorneys to practice across the country, instead of being limited to their own, geographic area. Check out the description and episode link below.

Description of the Episode:

As a new crop of law school graduates prepares for the bar exam, Joe and Elie talk to James Mullen of Law School HQ about the “last test you’ll ever take.” What is a “UBE” and is it a good development? Why are so many people struggling to pass the bar? And, really, what’s California’s…


Joe Patrice and Ellie Mystal are both editors at, and are well known for their insights into various legal topics. Check them out on the Legal Talk Network.