The results are out, and Georgetown University had the largest graduating class in 2016 with 652 students in the graduating class. Harvard came in second, with 598 students graduating from the law school, and Thomas M. Cooley dropped from the largest graduating class last year to 8th, with just 462, a 32% drop year over year! Here’s some insights to check out:

  • There was a total of 37,160 graduates in 2016, a decline of 3,164 over the prior year
  • Whittier, which is in the process of closing, had 128 graduates this year, a small drop from the 2015 graduating class of 141, but a significant drop from 2013 when it had 210 graduates.

The full results are on the below table that you can scroll through or search for a specific law school. Check it out and leave your comments below.
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