As we have previously explored factors in deciding which LSAT prep course to take, in this article, we are going to highlight five LSAT prep companies to give you a sense of the similarities and differences between the companies. All the information are current as of the date of this article, so be sure to check out each company website when you decide to take their course to get the most up to date information and prices as they are subject to change. Be sure to look for promotions when you are researching.


Princeton Review

The first company we will profile is Princeton Review, which has been in the LSAT prep business for over 35 years. It offers a free practice test and a trial class. Princeton Review offers four distinct choices for students (which can be viewed here). For a brief summary, check out below:

Self-Paced, which starts at $799.  It is online on-demand classes available 24/7 with 150+ hours of videos and online drills and includes 78 previous LSATs to complete as practice.

Fundamentals, which starts at $1,099 with a combination of 30 hours of live classroom instruction and 130 hours of online videos and drills. Fundamentals also include 4 proctored practice tests and access to your instructor outside of class time to ask questions and review problems.

Ultimate Classroom, which is their premier package and starts at $1,299 but currently runs for $1,099 after a $200 promotion. Ultimate includes 84 hours of live online classroom instruction with real time interaction with instructor and classmates and 150+ hours of online videos and drills, 6 proctored practice tests, and access to 78 previous LSATs for practice. The live online classes are all recorded so you can review them any time.

In addition to the above packages, Princeton Review also offers private 1 on 1 tutoring in three separate levels: Comprehensive, Targeted, and Flexible. Comprehensive package starts at $150/hour for 24 hours. Targeted Package starts at $170/hour for 10 hours. Flexible Package starts at $190/hour for 3 hours. Fundamentals, Ultimate Classroom, and Private Tutoring all come with the Better Scores Guarantee, which says that if your score does not improve by at least 1 point, then you can retake the prep course for no additional cost or get your money back. For more details, check out their website.


Kaplan LSAT Review

Kaplan is also another popular test review company. Kaplan also offers four distinct products for students studying for the LSAT. You can see each product here, with summaries below:

Self-Paced, starting at $799, which includes about 70 hours of videos covering every aspect of the LSAT. It includes all previously released LSATs, 2,000 real LSAT questions, and mobile device access.

Self-Paced Plus for $1,199. In addition to the offerings of Self-Paced, Self-Paced Plus provides you unlimited access to The LSAT Channel, which includes hundreds of hours of workshop videos that cover everything you want to know for the LSAT, 2 hours of 1 on 1 live online interaction with an instructor, and 4000 real LSAT questions.

Live Online starting at $1,199, (this is the highest rated with Kaplan’s students). Live Online offers 7, 4-hour sessions of live instructions, 3 proctored practice LSATs, unlimited access to The LSAT Channel, all previously released LSATs, 2000 real LSAT questions, and free make-up sessions. In addition to the offerings of Live Online, Live Online Plus offers 3 hours of live online 1 on 1 instruction time and 4,000 real LSAT questions.

In Person starting at $1,399, which is the most popular at Kaplan. The only differences between Live Online and In Person are that In Person is conducted live in an actual classroom instead of live and In Person does not include a PreTest Library of every previously released LSAT. In Person Plus starts at $1,799 and includes the same as Live Online Plus.

Lastly, just like Princeton Review, Private Tutoring is available starting at $2,599 for 15 hours ($173/hour), $3,699 for 25 hours ($147/hour), and $4,799 for 35 hours ($137/hour) for both in person and online tutoring. All Kaplan products include a Higher Score Guarantee or your money back.



Unlike Princeton Review & Kaplan, Alphascore only offers online LSAT prep course. Alphascore offers a free one-month trial session that includes 3 video lessons, 1 official LSAT exam, 125 LSAT practice questions (you can sign up here). The most popular course at Alphascore is the Complete LSAT Course for $389 that includes a 12-months subscription for 50+ video sessions, 10 official LSAT exams, 1000+ LSAT practice questions, practice quizzes and assignments, and personal instructor assistance. Alphascore also offers Premium LSAT Course for $789 with a 12-months subscription that offers 50+ video sessions, 61 previous LSAT exams, 6000+ practice questions, practice quizzes and assignments, and personal instructor assistance.

If you do not wish to take a full course, whether because of the cost or you just want to focus on the areas you need to improve, Alphascore offers individual courses in Logic Games ($189), Logic Reasoning ($198), and Reading Comprehension ($99). You can see the latest pricing here.



Similar to Alphascore, Magoosh also offers exclusively online LSAT prep courses with a 7-day money back guarantee for any reason and a free trial with 5 lessons (you can check out the latest pricing here). The first product is a 3 Month Basic for $79 that includes 50+ video sessions, 250+ videos of LSAC’s official LSAT pretests, 150+ practice questions, and email assistance from experienced tutors, all for three months. The second product is the 6 Month Basic for $99, which includes all of the same features as the 3 Month Basic but you have six months of access to the materials instead of three months. The third product is the 6 Month Premium for $149, which as of the time of this posting, is not yet available. The 6 Month Premium will include more videos than 6 Month Basic and include official LSAC practice questions. The one important difference with Magoosh is that the practice questions they currently offer are written by their expert LSAT instructors rather than by LSAC, the organization that creates the LSAT.


Velocity Test Prep

The last prep company we will cover in this post is Velocity Test Prep. Velocity is also exclusively online with 8 months of access to 100+ hours of videos, 3,000+ practice LSAT questions, and bonus video for PrepTests 72-79. Velocity only uses the three most recent LSAC PrepTest books. The Velocity membership price is $549 without the three LSAC PrepTest books (buy them yourself) and $649 with all three books included. In addition, Velocity offers option of taking a course based on just one of the three most recent LSAC PrepTest books. Each individual PrepTest course is $249 without the book and $299 with the book. Velocity guarantees your money back if you watch all the videos and complete all the assignments and your score doesn’t increase.

These are just five of many LSAT prep courses out there to give you a taste of the differences and similarities. All the companies we profiled offer online on-demand courses but not all of them offer live classroom courses. Do your research and choose the right LSAT prep course for you.

Have an LSAT course that you want to recommend or see more information on? Put your comment below, and let us know what should be included!