This week’s posting examines how California’s 6 accreditation groups have performed between 2008 and 2013. The official definitions and rules can be found on the California Bar’s website, here. The 2014 numbers will be released when California provides the breakdown of schools, starting in January.

California’s Accreditation groups are as follows:

  • California ABA Approved-21 schools, that hold ABA accreditation and California Accreditation.
  • California Accredited- 24 schools, which hold California Accreditation with the Committee of bar examiners, but not ABA accreditation.
  • California Correspondence– 16 schools unaccredited by the California committee
  • California Unaccredited – Distance Learning- 6 schools, which provide learning through online courses
  • California Unaccredited – Fixed Faculty- 20 schools
  • Out of State ABA schools with 10 or more takers– institutions accredited by the American Bar Association, not residing in California.

Breakdown of California Accreditation – First Time Test Takers

2008-2013-Accreditation Breakdown

The two groups with the highest pass rate are California ABA approved law schools, with an average of 69% pass rate and Out of State schools, with 10 or more test takers, averaging 60%.

Breakdown of California Accreditation – Repeating Population

2008-2013- Repeating Population

The repeating population pass rate drops from 47% to 25%. Both California ABA approved and Out of State test takers averaged 40% and 29% respectively, the rest of the schools saw a significant drop in pass rates.