The following is a breakdown of the California Bar’s Essay Patterns obtained from the California Bar’s website.. The bar results have been taken from the 2009 – 2014 testing periods.

Overall Content Ranking

February and July Content Ranking

Only one subject has been consistently tested 100% of the time since 2009, Professional Responsibility. There is a significant difference between how often Professional Responsibility is tested, versus Civil Procedure and Business Associations.

February Bar Exam Breakdown & Trends


During the February Bar, Business Associations, is the second most tested subject, being tested 5 of the previous 6 testing periods. The following table breaks down each testing year for the February bar exam. While Business Associations was consistently tested between 2009 – 2013, it was not tested for the most recent Bar Exam period.


July Bar Exam Breakdown & Trends


The July bar exam testing period  has tested Criminal Law & Procedure during the previous 5 of 6 testing periods. Business Associations has only been tested twice, in the previous 6 testing periods. The breakdown below shows how each essay has been tested since 2009.